Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands 1.0.3 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) Latest Version Download

Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands 1.0.2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) + Data Latest Version Download

Take a Look at Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Mod Apk 1.0.3 (Unlimited Money) + Data Latest Version For Android. Agent Aliens MOD money – Action on android in which you play a cosmic being that inexplicably appeared trapped at a spaceship outer space research station. Entire all degrees supplied to get out of there at the same time kill enemies. Your alien has a skill at the beginning of the game except to enhance them you need to collect coins also there should be.

Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands 1.0.3 Apk + Mod (Unlimited Money)+Data Download Latest Version For Android:

AGENT ALIENS is a new arcade style racing game and weapon. Straight backfire, for the function, and retrieval times supported by our spirited foreign team. Cross the corridors full of a variety of traps and enemies while hammering their incoming balls. Play as one of the foreign holders. Or play as they follow you through the levels. Each with unique abilities and playstyles. Jump and take your way to freedom while you search for your fellow Aliens and break free of captivity. It takes teamwork and dexterous fingers to survive this intimate encounter with humankind.

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Slice and dice throughout your enemies with our brand new alien, the un-stoppable R AZ! He is fully equipped with high-damage short-ranged strikes that will surely punish anything which gets in your own way! Alien, the principal part of this Android game, wants to find the way to freedom. He will face soldiers, traps, drones, and other enemies. Get a grip on the character goes, make him complete unexpected maneuvers and incredible jumps. Use abilities and weapons of the alien to ruin enemies and defeat bosses. No cost new aliens becoming exceptional.

AGENT ALIENS MOD is a new arcade mode run and gun match. Returning passion, aiming, and cooldowns are cared of our group of feisty AliensJump and pull your path into freedom as you seek out your foreign colleagues and free your self out of captivity. It will be necessary to work as a team and also the skillful hands to survive this encounter with humanity. Inspired by the enemies using our completely new stranger, the Raz unstoppable! It is fully built with high-damage short range attacks which are sure to punish whatever stands in your way!

.Alien life ravaged the earth, almost all cities were captured, innumerable people were transformed into extraterrestrial beings and undead zombies, they don’t have any feelings, they aim only the urge to kill. The survival shield forces and the others of the survivors escape to the previous doom stronghold. How long can they resist aliens intrusion? Along with also you personally, as a former aliens representative, do you have an unknown ago? Death or survival, behind you, ‘re family and friends, you can’t retreat, only to pick up weapons, ready your aim! The best shooting

Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Features:

A game is provided for you personally:

  • 3 exciting game modes: alien invasion, survival battle and online multiplayer PVP style.
  • Most of the 100 zombie aims with the same screen. Survive the undead!
  • New multi-shooter PVP way to survive together with other survivors of the planet!
  • The epic game plot, each character has their story.
  • Huge world-map, to finish all tasks, to fix the last death.
  • Enormous arsenal, from conventional rifles to alien plasma guns.
  • Rich auxiliary items including grenades, drones, armor and health care kits
  • hierarchical manipulation, like fighting in actual celebrity battle lands.
  • Professional sound team to make a remarkable background sound effect.
  • The very best optimization is able to run smoothly on any apparatus.
  • you will need stronger firepower and more bullets. Please upgrade your shooter’s firearms.
  • You want to move faster and avoid attacks from zombies and aliens at the battle lands.
  • please update your armor punctually, and it will force you to live more at the battle lands.
  • Finding hidden scenarios will enable you to acquire stronger alien tech weapons.
  • simply take apart from the global multi survival shooter PVP, at which a lot of tools could cause you to grow fast.
  • heavy weapons such as grenades and machine guns may effortlessly cope with the zombie tsunami.


  • AGENT ALIENS is a new arcade mode gun and run game.
  • Returning fire, aiming, and cooldowns care of our group of feisty Aliens.

Game attributes:

  • Exciting levels
  • Many Distinct aliens
  • Bright graphics and consequences
  • Useful updates
  • Tremendous bosses
  • In Tense GAMEPLAY
  • In Tense GAMEPLAY
  • Traverse corridors filled with a number of traps and enemies while dodging their bullets that are incoming.
  • One of a Kind CAST OF ALIENS
  • Play as one of the titular Aliens. Or play as all of them since they follow you in getting through the levels.
  • Each one with exceptional abilities and playstyles.
  • Up Grades!
  • Also be on the lookout for pickups at the levels that may make them even stronger


  • Expect a campaign that can take you through hard handcrafted levels
  • To learn the story of the Aliens’ fight against the People.


  • Bigger multiphase bosses who require even more skill to take down will probably be waiting for you.


  • Procedurally generated levels are there for quick replay-ability also to earn more Coins to spend for upgrades.

What’s new:

  • New complimentary Alien, Nort.
  • Multiple UI fixes.

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Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Mod + Apk Screenshots:

Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Apk + Mod Latest
Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Apk + Mod Latest
Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Apk + Mod Latest
Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Apk + Mod Latest
Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Apk + Mod Latest
Aliens Agent: Star Battlelands Apk + Mod Latest

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