DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

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DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

In this post, we have discussed DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Download. Here is Latest version of DEAD TARGET: Zombie. In 2040, War III happened, country frontier modified, trendy warfare advanced to a brand new era once Minister of Defense signed a contract with metallic element Corporation to perform project Dead Target: remodel prisoners into super evil combat killers. but metallic element betrayed and threaten to trigger a zombie happening if the president doesn’t follow their order. In the previous post, we had discussed Candy Crush Soda Saga Mod Apk v1.97.2 (Unlimited all) Download.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

The age of destruction begins.A breathtaking zombie 3D shooter post apocalyptic that resulted in 2040 in the Second war a brand new, finally as a defense ministry signed a contract with the laboratory analysis on the creation of genetically changed super-soldier, that became Der Subject to the foremost typical prisoners.
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however within the future, laboratories, within the pursuit of their goals, threaten the happening Zombakov cause, if the Ministry of Defense and also the President don’t create their desires.The country’s doom is obtaining nearer once metallic element infected a full town to prove that they’re serious. (dead target unlimited gold hack)

A special commando team was employed to go to the frontline and collect data before the military will open the counter strike – operation Apocalypse. regrettable everything went wrong, you and agent M area unit the sole survivor on the route. there’s no excuse for the stupid mistake which can pay along with your blood.


there are no thanks to run from hell, break a vicinity through the dead zone, rescue agent M and elucidate road to reinforcement location otherwise you can be a part of your dead brothers in arms. watch out with the house around, the walking dead awaits a hero. Human destiny might face to massive exodus to search out safe land currently in your hand.the planet is exhausted by war and nuclear weapons. (dead target hack mod apk download)

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Humanity is fighting for resources balances, however at the terrible finish of the war, biological weapons are used, that infect all living things in its path, effort the crowds behind infected mutants. You miraculously survived and try to survive during this harsh world, victimization the foremost advanced weapons, and smite the enemies of the group on his thanks to obtaining or improve your gear that may perpetually be stronger than his opponent.


  • Guns have totally different sonic effects to represent their reality versions
  • Some zombies are very dangerous with a sick virus which will attack in wide areas.
  • Discover fashionable combat over varied powerful guns.
  • Shot the maximum amount zombie as you’ll be able to to the last level one. the method is recorded as a diary.
  • Connect with Facebook to share what you’ve got done
  • expertise 3D shooting as a zombie hunter
  • polish off zombies of every type after you set your nerve to the very best level
  • Discover combat moves exploitation varied guns
  • Shoot zombies with the correct boost to become an eradicator on the field of honor


  • New updates
  • New suggest packs
  • New rewarded video
  • Some optimizations



DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v3.1.2 [Apk+Mod+Data] Latest Download


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