HERETIC GODS 1.08.19 Mod Apk (Free Shopping/VIP) Hack Latest Version Download For Android

HERETIC GODS 1.08.04 Mod Apk (Free Shopping/VIP) Hack Latest Version Download For Android
HERETIC GODS 1.08.04 Mod Apk (Free Shopping/VIP) Hack Latest Version Download For Android

It appears you are attempting to download this amazing game HERETIC GODS with fabulous visuals and magnificent sound quality. Heretic Gods is an Action Role-Playing-Game in which members can begin a dark world, the whole of dungeons and freaks, established in the land of the Viking Myths. Your aim will be to access the wisdom of an offensive abbey to evict the heretical gods. Heretic Gods commands to happily change the formula of modern roleplaying games to devices.

Download HERETIC GODS Mod Apk 1.08.19 (VIP Mod) Latest Hack Version For Android:

heretic gods mod apk revdl is an ARPG where players could enter a dark world, full of dungeons and monsters, place in the land of the Viking Myths. Your goal will be to input the depths of a cursed abbey to banish the heretical gods. heretic gods vip apk There are also some instances in which Heretic Gods lose a part of their divinities as a result of being wounded or sealed. From time to time, these lost bits have been placed into grimoire. In these cases, they are proven to undergo a change in their own personalities.

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The control system of heretic gods mod apk unlimited money is intuitive and is very well adapted to tactile devices. Together with the virtual crossbar on the left of the screen, you can move your personality, while with the buttons on the right one can strike and utilize abilities. The dungeons of Heretic Gods are generated randomly, so you’ll never play twice in the same scenario. Nevertheless, many degrees are very similar to each other, with different variations in architecture and particularly in the variation of enemies. The more levels you raise, the deeper you dive into new dungeons with more powerful enemies to fight.

A very important facet of heretic gods mod apk latest version is the loot. It’s possible to find and equip hundreds and hundreds of different objects, including axes, helmets, gloves, gloves, armour, shields, bows, swords, rings, etc. In the village, in addition, we could exchange with its inhabitants or even craft your personal products. What determines the power of a Heretic God isn’t their fame, or how successful they have been depicted in their myths, but rather their own will and decision.

Obviously, it is not simple to pass the initial stage as it’s the beginning, but the things you are likely to face will be an entire surprise at the subsequent phases. You should download this game to your Android device in which you need to destroy really large monsters, have great weapons and use your skill well, my friends. heretic gods ragnarok mod apk It is a fact that cash cheat mod can make matters simpler for you however never underestimate your opponents, otherwise, you can be a food for them, fantastic luck!

File Information:

File Size73.5 MB
Latest Version1.08.19
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
Cost100% Free
FeaturesUnlimited Shopping


  • randomly generated dungeons
  • shape up different character-builds from 48+ abilities
  • adjustable graphics settings for best performance on old hardware
  • the advanced auto-targeting system
  • the optional Automobile fight system
  • infinite random created magical items
  • hundreds of unique items and collection items
  • completely playable for free
  • 3 difficulties
  • continuing updates for even more game-content

HereticGods grants complete playability now and will soon be upgraded through updates.
Future upgrades will include more:

  • Unique things
  • set things
  • enemies
  • boss enemies
  • quests
  • abilities
  • game environments


  • 3D Graphics
  • Amazing Artwork
  • Fine Sound Quality


New content:

  • crafting recipe
  • “copy all stats from one to another item” (assess discord for specifics )
  • “copy only 1 stat.


  • Trigger effects did not work when below level 10
  • Skill Fenrir’s rage & blessed palms didn’t work together
  • Some items got termed”N/A”
  • Cadaverine & corpse explosion did really reduce harm
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Gameplay Screenshots:

heretic gods mod apk free download
heretic gods mod apk free download
heretic gods vip apk
heretic gods vip apk
heretic gods vip Hack mod apk
heretic gods vip Hack mod apk

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To Conclude, Well Heretic Gods is simply the best game for Android if you are ravenous for Epic Loot, mastering skills and to butcher through hordes of monsters in dark dungeons.