How to Install APK+OBB (Full Data) Files on Android Devices [Step by Step]
How to Install APK+OBB (Full Data) Files on Android Devices [Step by Step]

When we are talking about OBB files, the first question occur What is OBB file? Many people don’t know about OBB files. First, we have to take a look at mod apk to know more about OBB files. Mod apk files are modified version of the original app available only on the web. To get the extra features, unlocked features, unlimited money for the game and many more things without paying, for these extra features we use mod apk. Although, when the user is not able to download the app from google store then the users go for mod apk. Mod APK files and OBB files are related to each other. As Mod APK cannot execute in a good way without OBB files.

OBB file is an ordinary binary blob file. These files are designed by the developer of the app with some APK packages to support the application. These files contain more content then apk, as OBB cover graphics and media whereas APK doesn’t.

Every time you download apk files, OBB file is available with it. These files are for the better working of mod APK. The size of the OBB file is larger as compared to mod APK. As these files are larger in size so it is important to download them with wifi or other high-speed networks. At last the main feature of both mod APK and OBB file is to satisfy the gamer and to give the good graphics quality and better gameplay then the app.

Requirements for Downloading the APK+OBB file and Install on Android:

  • There is a requirement of the SD card, as OBB files need more storage.
  • Android version should not be less than 4.0
  • high-speed network required
  • Apk file required
  • PC or laptop required
  • OBB or data folder required


  As there are Two ways to Download the APK+OBB file:

  1. Downloading APK+OBB directly on your android device.
  2. Downloading APK+OBB using a PC or laptop.

1. How to Download APK +OBB directly on an Android device:

There are 8 easy steps to download apk+OBB directly on your Android:

1. This step is the basic step, firstly you have to download ES file explorer on your device.

Download ES File Explorer

2. After installing ES file explorer, now download the mod APK file and OBB file of the game you want in your device through internet. As the size of the OBB file is large in size so it is good if you download it through wifi or another fast network and also save these files to sd card because it demands high storage.

3. Now start ES file explorer and find downloaded mod apk and then install it, as we guide you to store the files at a known location so you can find them easily on your android.

4. Now click on OBB file and ES explorer will ask about ES zip viewer. After tapping OBB file will open and on the right-hand corner you will see an arrow in a small box this is known as extract button.

5. Now click on the extract button.

6. Now you get an option where you want to save you OBB file. So, we guide you to save your OBB file first in the android folder and then to another folder. You can create a new folder with a name OBB and then move the file from android folder to that OBB folder.

7. Now click the ok button and the OBB file starts to move.

8.After the file is moved now open the MOD apk and enjoy your game in a modified version.

2. How to Download APK+OBB by using a PC and Laptop.

This also contains 8 easy step to download APK+OBB by using PC and laptop:

  1. First, go to the setting of your device >security >enable unknown sources.
  2. Now put the apk file in your device or SD card (as we guide you to store in external memory as OBB file requires more space).
  3. Search your phone or external memory and click on apk file and install.
  4. After installing now move the OBB file in your PC or laptop.
  5. Now be sure your files first move to android folder and then to another folder or OBB folder.
  6. If you are not able to find the OBB file then you can create a new folder.
  7. Be sure the file must be copied properly on your device.
  8. Disconnect your phone from PC or laptop
  9. Now run your file on your device.

CONCLUSION: OBB file plays an important role for MOD APK file as it improves the graphics and media. Firstly, know its basic requirements and then you are given two options to download the OBB file, one is directly through your Android device and secondly through PC or laptop and then after choosing your option just follow the steps given above for downloading your file.


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