The Birdcage 1.0.4747 Mod Apk (Free Shopping) Download Latest Version

The Birdcage 1.0.4207 Mod Apk (Free Shopping) Download Latest Version

The Birdcage -addictive riddle game for Android, like the riddles where you need to open the entryway. The Birdcage apk mod free shopping Here, in any case, rather than entryways there will be pens of flying creatures. For 21 the dimension of the client is to discharge winged animals into nature. With each new stage, the multifaceted nature will increment, so the gamer will require a high mental exertion. The venture additionally has a dazzling three-dimensional graphics, fascinating gameplay and the nearness of inquisitive plot component.

The Birdcage: A riddle perplex without game dream winged animals from brilliant enclosures. The Birdcage apk mod Comprehend unique riddles to discover keys and open locks. Apply your rationale capacities and get familiar with the account of winged creatures secured confines in this Android game. The lord has bolted winged creatures after the sad demise of his child. The Birdcage unlocked You will uncover the mystery of flying creatures and paradise winds. For this, you should analyze each enclosure cautiously from every one of the sides. Unravel enigmas of antiquated instruments and open dubious locks. Free winged animals and winds.

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The Birdcage APK is just another The Room Puzzle game. The Birdcage mod apk full version In here you need to free the flying creature however before liberating the winged animal you should open the confine utilizing diverse riddles. In the event that you have played The Room Series games, you will know how this game mechanics function. The Birdcage Full APK  is from MobiGrow, Released on IOS Months prior Its currently, at last, landed on Android. Its a freemium game with 2 of the Level Packs are free and other 2 are Premium and need to pay to open. However, utilizing The Bird Cage APK you will have VIP Unlocked with All Levels playable for nothing.

The Birdcage is an excellent and energizing riddle. The Birdcage full game unlock mod Players need to open 21 gold confines and discharge winged animals from them into nature. Slowly the multifaceted nature will increment and the locks will transform into a genuine hindrance. Astounding 3D graphics, a fascinating tale about the lord longed for overcoming the breeze, the high term of the gameplay and the first circumstance like every one of the aficionados of such game kind.

The Birdcage-a subject riddle in which game process is executed in style “escape from the room”, in other words, all game is separated into a progression of rooms and areas in every one of which your errand is to tackle an unpredictable riddle and to pass further. The Birdcage mod free shopping The game’s plot will enlighten us concerning the sorrowful father who lost his child, and so as to protect the memory of the kid ruler detained in the cells of uncommon fowls, which prompted hopeless outcomes, so now the destiny of the nation in your grasp. Jazzy three-dimensional graphics splendidly passes on the remarkable environment.

Birdcages Levels are separated into various dimensions. there are 4 parts each with various 10 Levels. On the off chance that you are sufficiently astute you will complete this whole game in 30 to 45 minutes. The Birdcage free purchase The riddles are blends of various little riddle games which are accessible in the play store. Graphics are first class and each article in the game is pressed with high-goals pictures that even on 2k show telephones in looked extraordinary. The Birdcage hack mod apk Much the same as the Room games, The Birdcage Full Version has astounding graphical subtleties and incredible situations. Each dimension is simply stunning to play and you will need to have a greater amount of them. tragically there are just a couple of levels accessible to play for the time being. Since its still in beta stage The Birdcage Full will get progressively content updates soon.

Information of The Birdcage Mod Apk:

File NameThe Birdcage
File Size100 MB
Latest Version1.0.4747
System RequirementsAll Android Devices
Cost100% Free
FeaturesUnlimited Shopping, Money

Download The Birdcage Mod Apk Features:

  • 21 puzzling pens
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Barometrical music
  • The helpful arrangement of controls


  • Incredible Graphics
  • 3D Graphics
  • Striking Artwork
  • Sublime Backgrounds
  • Exciting Sound Quality


  • Bug Fixed
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Download The Birdcage Mod Apk Gameplay Screenshots:

The Birdcage apk mod free shopping
The Birdcage apk mod free shopping
The Birdcage mod free shopping
The Birdcage mod free shopping
The Birdcage free purchase
The Birdcage free purchase

The Birdcage Mod Apk Latest Version Download:

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To Conclude, Prepare yourself for natural touch controls, mechanical riddles and realizing totally new possibilities. So as to complete this riddle game, you have to utilize all the room escape aptitudes you have!

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